History of Minnesota Animal Chiropractic Care

Now your best friend has the option!

MACChomeMinnesota Animal Chiropractic Care (MACC) was initially formed to ensure that your animals would have reasonable access to chiropractic care, and that properly qualified doctors would provide this care. Mission accomplished!

In May 2008, the Minnesota Legislature passed a law allowing specially-trained chiropractors to provide chiropractic services to animals in Minnesota. Special thanks for this enormous leap forward in animal health care goes to the main authors of the legislation; Senator Gary Kubly of Granite Falls and Representative Lyle Koenen of Clara City.

Being successful in our first endeavor to promote animal health and wellness, we have moved ahead to further promote better lives for Minnesota’s animals. Today, MACC serves to connect pet owners with qualified chiropractors and to educate the public about the benefits of animal chiropractic, so that all of Minnesota’s animals can reap the rewards of this holistic, drug-free and integrative approach to health care.