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Edie, St. Paul Park, MN

Feline Diabetes

My daughter’s cat was diagnosed with diabetes. As with most diabetic cats, this means he has to receive insulin injections twice per day. Her vet advised that his diet be changed. This seemed to help some. My daughter also began to get the cat adjusted by an animal chiropractor. I am happy to report, now that he is getting adjusted regularly, his blood sugar levels are improving and his need for insulin is decreased.

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Scott, Roseville, MN

My Dog Got Her Legs Back!

Deke had lost the strength and coordination in her hind legs. Traditional veterinary care was unable to help her. Thanks to a timely chiropractic intervention, we were able to play fetch on her 16th birthday!

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Jim, Jabberwock Cairn Terriers of St. Paul, MN

Conformation Competiton

Our seven-month old Cairn Terrier, Sam Adams, is full of energy and often gets out to the end of his 26-foot lead and keeps going. As a result, a week before our Club’s June Specialty, Sam came up limping. We first hoped that, with time, he’d get better, but he ended up being pulled from the Specialty.

We didn’t know if Sam had a veterinary or a chiropractic problem, but, with a quick phone referral from our veterinarian, we tried animal chiropractic first. A week before the Duluth shows in mid-July, our chiropractor went over Sam’s spine and legs with her hands using a very light touch, and started lining up her treatments. I was amazed to watch her find and treat out-of-joint problems … and see almost immediate improvement! From the first moment our chiropractor had her hands on him, Sam stayed relaxed and let her work.

With a few gentle pushes on the bones in his neck and back, Sam started smiling once again and could trot down-and-back with an almost faultless gait. We kept walking him for a few days and then brought him back for his “tune-up.” After that second treatment, Sam was back in form, covering ground with a level topline and no limp.

A few days later, he went into his first show ring in Duluth, showed himself well to a respected Cairn Terrier breeder-judge, and went winner’s dog over eight older males for a four-point major!

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Fay – proud owner of “Rocky” and “Henry”, South Haven, MN

For The Canine Athlete

Animals are no different than a human athlete, so therefore they should be able to receive the same beneficial treatments needed to stay in top form. Without including chiropractic care for animals, I don’t feel that you are getting best performance out of your animals.

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Sage and Java, St. Paul, MN

For Pets and People

Java and I have both experienced chiropractic care from a chiropractor for humans and animals, and have seen and felt amazing results in just a few sessions. We’re both more flexible and pliable, and those little aches and pains are gone. I would highly recommend care from a qualified chiropractor for both humans and pets. Ours is a gifted chiropractor, healer and has a beautifully open heart.

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Charlie, Denise, Spooder & Rowdy – Sartell, MN

Quality Care for Canine and Equine

Our animal chiropractor’s energy, education, ethics and standard of excellence speak for themselves when she works with my horse, Rowdy, and our dog, Spooder. Both animals have improved circulation, mobility & comfort. Our animal chiropractor always has our animals’ well-being as her primary concern. For this I am thankful to have her in our lives.

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Sharla, St. Paul, MN

Canine Aggression Eliminated

I had been wanting to do chiropractic care for my three dogs for awhile but really didn’t want to travel to Wisconsin to do it.

I was thrilled when Minnesota finally accepted chiropractic care for animals and even more thrilled to find a Board Registered Animal Chiropractor in my area. I have two dachshunds and a chihuahua who have been nurtured and changed through her care.

My chihuahua Olive had been rubbing her back incessantly against the bottom of the couch, like something was bothering her in her spine. It turned out that she had four ribs out of place! After her adjustment, the problem almost immediately discontinued. She was also having stomach/digestive issues and after changing her diet and receiving adjustments, the problems disappeared.

The biggest benefit was seen in my dachshund Coco. She had become aggressive and was constantly shaking. I could not have her around people or other dogs for fear of her biting. At first I had to muzzle her when our animal chiropractor adjusted her. At Coco’s last visit, she greeted her at the door, happy to see her. After just two visits, she stopped shaking and started approaching people calmly. She needed a lot of adjusting her first visit and must have been in pain, which I believe contributed to her aggressiveness.

Incorporating an animal chiropractor into my animals lives has been one of the most beneficial things I’ve ever done for them. You can see the results. I can’t say enough good things about our animal chiropractor and her genuine love and care of animals. My furry friends are in the best of hands, literally!

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