Vet referral info

What is the Vet Referral Process?

Doctors of chiropractic are specialists in neurology. We access the nervous system through the joints of the body, especially those of the spine.
Minnesota Law requires that a chiropractor obtain a referral from an animal’s veterinarian before providing services to that animal.


Although this adds an extra step before the initial visit can occur, it is truly in the best interest of your animal! It ensures that bridges are built between the professions and that your pet is receiving integrated health care.
The referral proce

ss is generally quite simple and happens fairly quickly. It can be handled entirely by the chiropractor after your initial telephone contact. The chiropractor will get in touch with your veterinarian to obtain the referral. If your veterinarian has any hesitation about providing the referral, you will be notified and steps can then be taken to aid the process.

What can you do to help the referral happen as quickly as possible?

After you have requested that the referral be obtained, call your veterinarian. Tell them that you would like them to provide the referral and discuss your reasons for wanting chiropractic care for your companion.

What information will your animal chiropractor need to obtain the referral?

  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • Your animal’s name, species, breed, gender, color, age, and spay / neuter status
  • Your reason for wanting chiropractic care for your animal (specific condition, wellness, etc.
  • Your veterinarian’s name, clinic name, address, telephone number
  • Approximate date of your animal’s last visit to the veterinarian